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Dog Lick Pot, Available in 4 Colours (Free Postage)

Dog Lick Pot, Available in 4 Colours (Free Postage)

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Introducing a new range of Enrichment Lick Cups available in 4 colourful options





designed with a deep and spacious bowl to cater to the needs of medium to large dogs. These versatile Lick Pots offer two options for interactive feeding: the bottom of the Pot allows your dog to work out how to retrieve food from the dog face puzzle section, while the sides can be utilized as a lick mat with bone shaped textured pattern,


Not only can these mats be used to serve your dog's daily meals, whether it be wet, raw, or kibble, they can also be seamlessly integrated with our enrichment treat range to create an additional delightful treat for your furry companion dry or frozen,


The lick cups are dishwasher safe or simply clean with warm soapy water

To ensure the safety of your pets, please do not leave them unsupervised with the lick mat. It is important to note that the cup is not indestructible, so we kindly request that you discourage any chewing and promptly remove it once all the food is consumed.