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Schnauzerfest Snuffle Cage Ball, (15% of this order will be donated to the Schnauzerfest charity)

Schnauzerfest Snuffle Cage Ball, (15% of this order will be donated to the Schnauzerfest charity)

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Product Description

The Schnauzerfest themed orange and black Snuffle Cage Ball is a fabulous interactive dog puzzle that will provide hours of fun for your pooch. Handmade in Yorkshire, this long-lasting enrichment puzzle is the perfect dog gift. The cage ball features a 13.5cm diameter and 20cm size when fully made with fleece which is great for any dog size to use, 

Each order made, 15% will be donated to the wonderful Schnauzerfest organisation.

The cage of the Schnauzerfest themed puzzle is made from non-toxic durable rubber, the ball is tough, bendy, and stretchy. However, please note that it is not indestructible, so chewing should be discouraged.


The cage ball contains 34 pieces of top-quality thick orange and black polar fleece strands and is multifunctional making it the perfect treat dispenser. 
you simply roll the treats within the strands of fleece place within the different sized holes of the Cage Ball and let the sniffing adventure begin. You can adjust the difficulty level by stuffing the fleece further into the holes or pulling it out slightly. What's great about the Snuffle Cage Ball is that you can also push all the filled strands within the Cage itself rather than each individual hole to swap and change how this is used each time preventing repetition and remaining a fun challenge, 
This puzzle is highly rewarding, whether filled with treats or used without them.

 Please note that treats are not included with the Cage Ball. If you would like treats please contact me via the message button, 

The Snuffle Cage Ball is machine washable just place on a low spin cycle with no detergent or softener.

 Packaged with 100% recyclable materials, the Cage Ball is presented in a box wrapped with tissue paper ready to gift and includes care instructions.
It will also be shipped by courier with full tracking information provided.

Please note that supervision is necessary while your dog is playing with the Cage Ball and remove when finished, 

 Please note that there might be a slight 3-4 working days delay due to all products being made to order. Additionally, we are committed to sustainability, using 100% recyclable packaging materials to minimise our environmental impact while enjoying our furry friends.