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Treat Ball

Treat Ball

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Introducing our Treat Ball - the ultimate source of delight for your beloved furry companion! This vibrant and engaging treat ball is thoughtfully designed to provide endless fun and mental stimulation. Crafted from durable rubber, it serves as both a playful toy and a treat dispenser, transforming ordinary playtime into an exciting adventure.


 With its captivating colors and cleverly designed ridges, this treat ball grabs your pup's attention and encourages playful exploration. The ridges not only add an element of teeth-cleaning to the experience but also serve as hiding spots for your dog's favorite treats, chews, delicious spreads, and even doggy toothpaste. This ensures that your furry friend receives both mental stimulation and entertainment while enjoying their tasty rewards.


 Dimensions: With a size of 7cm (similar to that of a tennis ball), our Treat Ball is perfectly suited for most dog breeds that enjoy a ball or treat puzzle.


 Using the treat ball is as easy as can be. Simply select your dog's preferred treats, chews, and spreads, such as doggy peanut butter,


Fill the ridges of the ball with these delightful goodies and push a chew or the spread through the center hole. Then, sit back and watch as your furry friend eagerly chases,tosses and rolls the ball to uncover their favorite treats and enjoy the excitement of the hunt with our interactive Treat Ball.


 With 6 different vibrant colours to choose from,



 Cleaning the Treat Balls are a breeze, simply place them in the dishwasher or clean with warm soapy water


For the safety of your dog please refrain from leaving them unattended with the Treat Ball.


The Treat Ball is tough but not indestructible. Therefore, we kindly ask you to discourage any destructive behaviour, and promptly remove once all the food has been consumed.


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