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Multifunctional Lick Mat, Available In 2 Sizes

Multifunctional Lick Mat, Available In 2 Sizes

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Introducing our versatile dog lick mats, designed with separate sections to provide endless entertainment and stimulate your furry friend with a challenging engaging activity.
Whether your dog follows a raw, wet, or kibble diet, our lick mat serves as the ideal feeding station.

Equipped with secure bottom suckers, our mats ensure stability while your pet indulges.
With 2 bowl sections for mealtime convenience and a puzzle section for slow feeding, our multifunctional lick mats offer endless possibilities. Additionally, the lick mat includes 2 different textured licking sections for spreading your pet's favorite treats.

These are the perfect source of entertainment and distraction for your furry friend, offering stimulating and exciting experiences all in one convenient spot allowing your pet to have a pleasurable sensory experience while also promoting slower eating and better digestion. Overall, our lick mat can be a beneficial addition to your pet's daily routine.

Our lick mats are made from Food Grade Silicone (FGS), ensuring they are food safe,
Each size and color variant is equipped with a hole in one corner, allowing for convenient storage when not in use.

Available in 2 sizes to suit your pet's needs

Small- 20x30cm -modelled by Dolly the small black Cavapoo

Large- 28x43cm -modelled by Dotty the white Minature Schnauzer

With 4 different colours to choose from,

The lick mats are dishwasher safe or simply clean with warm soapy water

To ensure the safety of your pets, please do not leave them unsupervised with the lick mat. It is important to note that the mat is not indestructible, so we kindly request that you discourage any chewing and promptly remove it once all the food is consumed.